Home comfort has come a long way in the last two decades.

The design and construction methods of domestic buildings have changed radically. Room sizes and room heights have generally decreased and the envelope of the building is better sealed and insulated. Add a new generation of furnishings and flooring materials, security and our changing lifestyles and we find that our homes are sealed up for prolonged periods unable to breathe naturally like previous generations of "leaky" homes.

We are cosier and more energy efficient, which is good for our pockets as well as the environment. But an everage family produces about 7 litres of water vapour a day from breathing, washing, cooking in addtion to a build up of odours.

Indoor pollution is not just bad for the building fabric, it can affect our health too. Bronchial conditions can be triggered by the house dust mite that thrives in warm moist conditions.

In tight, well insulated, new dwellings, Mechanical Ventilation like the Xpelair range is increasingly being used as a state of the art solution.